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Property Valuation

At Sutton Coldfield Surveyors, our chartered surveyors are qualified and experienced; we offer reliable, accurate and detailed valuations in the Sutton Coldfield and West Midland area. Only a chartered surveyor is competent to perform an independent market valuation, combining mathematical analysis, with a comprehensive knowledge of Sutton Coldfield's property stock.

We can offer independent valuations in Sutton Coldfield for a number of different reasons, from market valuations, to probate, to matrimonial purposes.

Richard Peat MRICS NDEA RegVal

Our local building surveyor, Richard Peat MRICS DEA RegVal, has thirty nine years of experience in surveying and valuing; he has been a Member of RICS since 2001 and is dedicated to producing high quality standards. In 1979, he started his career as a trainee building control surveyor and since then, he has worked his way up to becoming a respected independent chartered surveyor.

Before Richard joined us at Right Surveyors as Managing Director in Sutton Coldfield, he had been a building surveyor for the City Council for 15 years. This means that he has been dealing with high value property assets for almost twenty years. Richard is part of the RICS Registered Valuer scheme and offers detailed, reliable valuations – these can also be used as evidence in court cases if needed.

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Surveys and Assessments

These are just some of the specialist property services we offer in the Sutton Coldfield area:

  • Full Building Survey (RICS)
  • House Purchase Survey Report
  • HomeBuyers Report (RICS)
  • Condition Report (RICS)
  • Single Fault Assessment
  • Verbal Acquisition Advice
  • Buildings Reinstatement Valuations
  • Expert reports for court purposes
  • Architectural Design
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Planning advice
  • Budgeting services
  • Party Wall and Boundary advice

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Our core valuation services...

Matrimonial Valuation - Property - Tile Texture

Matrimonial Valuations

In 1996, the Woolf report stated that before going ahead with court proceedings, couples going through a divorce must agree on matters such as property value; this is so that experts are kept out of the court room. So that this requirement is met, a chartered surveyor that is a registered valuer is appointed either by both parties or by each party so that a negotiation can take place.

When writing reports for matrimonial valuations, Richard ensures that they are in accordance with Part 35 of the Civil Procedures Rules 1998 (as amended). He is fully able to provide reports on the marital home, and is even able to value an investment portfolio if required. His work is always suitable for legal separation processes.

At Sutton Coldfield Surveyors, we understand the sensitivity of a divorce process; it is an emotional time and can bring stress to both parties. Our chartered surveyors and their team make every effort to ensure that the process is as quick, professional and stress free as possible.

Probate Valuation - Property - Brick Texture

Probate Valuations

The largest element of a deceased’s estate value is usually their property, for example a family home, but it can also be in a collection of investments as well. It is essential that the property is valued to create an accurate estimate of the inheritance tax liability, which will stand strong when scrutinised by the taxman.

Richard Peat is a registered valuer so is able to issue the valuation himself. Our probate valuations aim to allow the probate process to progress as smoothly and quickly as possible, whilst safeguarding executors from Inland Revenue. Richard uses information that is up to date and reliable; he combines mathematical analysis with his extensive experience of properties in Sutton Coldfield to provide the most accurate valuation possible.

The surveyors value calculation is coherent with S.160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 (as amended) – it is based on the market value of the property and is only assessed for the purpose of probate.

Valuations for property buyers in Sutton Coldfield

Private Property Valuation - Buying

Too many people end up wasting thousands of pounds because they didn't get their property's market value. The asking price of a property is an estate agents' provisional estimate of what the property could be sold for, and this can be heavily influenced by the percentage of commission that they will receive. When buying a property, the value of the house should be based on hard evidence and mathematical analysis.

Richard Peat knows Sutton Coldfield exceptionally well, he will give you an accurate and reliable value of the property so that you can start to make negotiations. Negotiations are essential for property investors, but can be just as important for home buyers as they often spend thousands of pounds improving their homes after purchase.

Richard is available as your personal value consultant, he has the knowledge and experience to advise you on confusing aspects of property purchasing such as development potential, internal rates of return and synergistic value.

Valuations for property sellers in Manchester - Cracked Flagstone Floor

Private Property Valuation - Selling

Richard is also available to help sellers with establishing the market value of their properties, helping you to avoid offers that don't really reflect the achievable value of your property. Selling your property in Sutton Coldfield can be difficult, you need to know when to accept an offer and when not to, Richard can help with this.

Estate agents often give you an asking price that you should aim for, but this is only an approximate figure and is frequently speculative and commission driven.

Richard Peat is Sutton Coldfield's experienced chartered surveyor. He is often able to save clients thousands, providing them with an accurate market value of their property so that they can confidently reject or accept offers as they come in.

Sutton Coldfield Surveyors is a trading name of Right Surveyors West Midlands, serving Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding area.
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