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Building Survey in Sutton Coldfield - discovering mould under plasterboard

What is a Building Survey?

...and do I really need one?

Many people find building surveys extremely helpful. A survey is a report that is done by a qualified building surveyor; it provides an evaluation on either single faults within the property or evaluates the property as a whole. Whether you are concerned about damp, cracks in walls or the structure of a building, a building survey can save you thousands of pounds in future repair bills.

The surveyor will provide you with advice on the seriousness of any defects and the urgency of any repairs. As such, people often use building surveys to help them come to a well informed final decision on the purchasing of a property. At Sutton Coldfield Surveyors, we offer a variety of different surveys so that the reports are relevant and personalised to you.

Whether you are looking to buy a new home, or investing in a property asset, we offer a service that is personal, reliable and of high quality. We cover all areas of surveying - valuations, full surveys, specific assessments, even disputes with neighbours and more! All of our surveyors are qualified professionals, and we are here to help you safely invest in your dream home.

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Richard Peat MRICS DEA RegVal is Director of Sutton Coldfield Right Surveyors and your local surveyor. He is a self-employed, fully independent building surveyor and has been a Member of RICS for many years now. Richard has had nearly forty years of experience in a variety of different sectors of building surveying, so knows just about everything that there is to know about buildings. He also has comprehensive knowledge of Sutton Coldfield and the West Midlands area, so can combine his knowledge of buildings with his familiarity of Sutton Coldfield to make a personalised and accurate report on your property.

Right Surveyors Building Surveys in Sutton Coldfield

Surveys and Assessments

Here are just a few of the property services that we offer:

  • RICS Homebuyers Report
  • RICS Full Building Survey
  • Structural Survey
  • Verbal Acquisition Advice
  • Buildings Reinstatement Valuations
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • And more...

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Our Four Main Property Services Are...

RICS HomeBuyer Report in Sutton Coldfield - Red brick wall

The RICS HomeBuyer Report

Your home is the most expensive purchase that you will make; so you have to be sure that the property is right for you. The HomeBuyers Report is a more concise, condensed report. It is one of our most popular surveys as it mainly focuses on defects that are likely to effect the value of the property, such as damp and other hidden issues. An in-depth Valuation is also included in the report, with no extra costs! The survey includes:

  • A report on anything that the surveyor thinks may effect the property’s value.
  • Issues that need to be resolved to avoid any long-term damage.
  • Advice on the severity of any issues and any repairs that need to be undertaken.
  • Advice on whether or not any legal issues were relevant on site.

House Purchase Survey Report - Ceramic tiling

The House Purchase Survey Report

The House Purchase Survey is more detailed than a Homebuyers Report, but not quite as thorough as a Building Survey. The report takes aspects of the Building Survey but is shorter and much easier to understand.

Similar to the HomeBuyers Report, the House Purchase Survey also reports on anything that may affect the property's value, but it also provides you with a structural analysis that is much more thorough than the Homebuyers option, presented in the same easy-to-read style. This saves you time and is a lot less expensive than the Building Survey.

Whether your property is old, new, small or large, this survey is suitable for all kinds of properties. The versatility, detail and value-for-money of this report make the House Purchase Survey our most popular survey.

RICS Building Survey - Large stone render

RICS Building Survey

If you are planning on having major works done or you have, or are looking to buy, a large or rather old property, then a RICS Building Survey is essential. The Building Survey must be carried out by a Member of RICS and it is the most comprehensive survey available. Listed properties frequently require a Building Survey as they are usually very old and there are often significant, even potentially dangerous, defects. Whether you are planning on living in your property, selling it or renting it out, you will deeply benefit from having an expert’s advice on the condition of your property.

This survey includes:

  • Information on any noticeable defects and any possible problems which may arise due to hidden issues, including a thorough inspection of the roof space where safe.
  • Advice on any repairs that are required and your different options. Costings can also be included on request.
  • If needed, advice for your legal team is available; including a report on anything that could potentially cause a serious risk, danger or dispute.
RICS Condition Report - Half exposed brickwork

Single Fault Assessment

Sometimes, a client doesn’t need their whole house looked at, just a specific part of it. If this is the case, then a Single Fault Assessment is the ideal survey as it looks carefully at a particular problem within the property.

Once the surveyor has inspected and analysed the issue, the cause (or probable cause) is identified, the surveyor then advises on the next steps to take towards resolving the problem. If appropriate, then a letter or report can be provided for insurance or legal purposes.

It is highly beneficial having a local surveyor, like Richard Peat, perform the Single Fault Assessment, as he has intimate knowledge of the area and is able to tell you whether or not the fault is down to your local environment and if others in your area have had similar issues.

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